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Working with a Wedding Timeline

Before I get going on today’s post, Jon & I just want to send some love to our friends in Connecticut.  We can’t imagine the pain that the families in Newtown are enduring and we hope that as the world joins in their sorrow and grief that they are comforted.  We will continue to love and support you, Newtown.

Last week I gave you newly engaged girls some tips on what to do early on in your engagement.  While those “tips and tricks” will prove to be helpful, I know you’ve got just one thing on your mind… getting to that wedding date! Everything boils down to that one day in which you will pledge your love in front of all those friends and family members.  Every single day of your engagement all revolves around that Big Day.  Talk about stress!  There are so many tiny decisions that may seem unimportant, but all those small details work together to create a beautiful event.  While the thought of pulling together all the details can be daunting, the one thing that can keep brides (or at least me!) sane is a wedding timeline.

I love a good timeline because it helps you to step back and really get a handle on all that needs to be done without having to take in everything at one time.  Earlier on in our engagement I found myself beginning to stress about things that didn’t even need to be done yet, and checking out my wedding timeline from time to help would help bring me back to reality.

The internet gives you plenty of options when it comes to finding a wedding timeline that fits your engagement.  Have a 9 month engagement, but you’ve found a 12 month wedding timeline that you like?  Just alter it!  No wedding timeline is “perfect” and you will almost always have to alter things here and there to make it work for you – that is completely okay!  Don’t be too tied to a wedding timeline that you’ve found, but rather use it as a guide to help you keep all the details of your wedding organized.

If you are using a wedding planner they are almost always well equipped with some of the best checklists and wedding timeline templates out there, so be sure to ask about that if your planner hasn’t already put one into your hands.  If you are a bride like me and planning a wedding without a planner, you can find lots of great checklists online.  Check out Pinterest and do a little search, you may find things that jive with you.  I have combined several checklists that I like throughout our engagement, but one of my favorites is found in the Real Simple wedding magazine – it is also online here.  Like I said, this is certainly not the only great wedding timeline and checklist out there!  Do your research and find something that will be most helpful to YOU.

For you gals who have already been through this wedding planning fun, do you have any tips when it comes to using a wedding timeline or a checklist as a guide?  Share your thoughts below – and don’t forget to use the sharing buttons below to get this out to your friends who are engaged, or may be about to be!

Hold tight to love.


Wedding Timeline

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