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Wedding for a Cause

Happy New Year, JS Photography fans!  I hope that your new year has already gotten off to a great start and you’re anxious to make all those resolutions and goals come to life.  When January approaches so many people are hitting the gym, watching what they eat, reading more, disconnecting from social media more, the list goes on an on.  With a new year comes a desire to be more, to live more, and to do more.  A new year brings inspiration and a desire to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.  The good news is that it’s easy to adopt that attitude when it comes to planning your wedding.  It doesn’t have to be January 1st for you to be inspired and make a difference through your wedding!  Today I want to show you a few ways that you can use your wedding to give back:

Wedding Charity

Brides Against Breast Cancer

This is a great organization to check out when you are beginning your search for your wedding gown.  This organization is based out of Florida and has a huge 3,500 square foot boutique. Thousands and thousands of gorgeous vintage and designer gowns fill the racks of their boutique and you can call them yours for a fraction of the retail price.  Not only are you getting a dress that is majorly discounted, but you are giving to a company that invests in breast cancer patients!  But, if you’ve already gotten a dress, no worries!  There are several ways that you can support Brides Against Breast Cancer.  Once your wedding day has come and gone, you can ship off your dress to their boutique and you’ll give someone else the opportunity to enjoy your fantastic gown and in doing that you’ve allowed Brides Against Breast Cancer to continue the amazing work they do.  If neither one of those work for you, you can simply give a money donation by visiting their website and clicking on the “donations” link.

The Glass Slipper Project

This is an amazing organization that gets your bridesmaids in on all the action!  Many brides will say, “My bridesmaids can definitely wear this dress again!”, but us girls who have been bridesmaids know that is often just not the case.  Unless your girls are going to jump back into the 11th grade and go to prom, they will probably never wear their bridesmaids dresses again.  But, that’s okay!  There is a really cool organization called The Glass Slipper Project that takes those bridesmaids dresses off your hands.  This is a Chicago based organization that gives dresses away to girls who otherwise wouldn’t have a prom dress.  Every year before the start of prom season The Glass Slipper Project opens up the doors of their “boutiques” and allows high school juniors and seniors to find the dress of their dreams.  Chat with your bridesmaids and get them on board with this sweet organization!


This one won’t need much explanation.  If you know anything about TOMS, you are aware of the One for One movement.  With every pair of TOMS that you buy, a pair goes to a child in need.  Over the past several years some wedding styles have been released – a blue sparkly pair for the bride, ivory for the bridesmaids, and black for the groomsmen.  The option are endless, really!  What a great bridesmaid and groomsmen gift TOMS would make, too!

I Do Foundation

The I Do Foundation is so great for those of you getting ready to register.  There are several different things you can do through this site.  You can pick a charity from their list of non-profit organizations and create a registry in which your guests will strictly give to that charity.  You can also do a gift registry with a number of their partner stores (including Pottery Barn, Macy’s, and Amazon) and up to 3% of every purchase will go towards a charity of your choice.  Pretty amazing, huh?  I think so, too!

Jon Sharman Photography

That’s right, you heard it here first – in 2013, 5% of all proceeds will be donated to Operation Broken Silence.  There are more humans trapped in slavery today than at any other time in history – it’s estimated that over 30 million people live in slavery today.  Some victims are exploited for commercial sex while others are forced into domestic servitude or are child soldiers.  Whilst slavery in today’s world is assumed to exist only in third world countries, the reality is that slavery still occurs in the United States as well, primarily in the form of human trafficking.  The CIA estimates that 80,000 women and children are trafficked across national borders annually.  Additionally, the victims of domestic sex trafficking are most often US citizens.  Another reason Jon chose Operation Broken Silence is because they are a Tennessee-based charity.  Donations are sent as far away as places like Sudan, but they are equally involved in the problems that affect us at home.

That’s just a taste of all the options that are out there!  There are so many different ways that you can incorporate different charities into your wedding and each and every one would be special.  When a couple takes a day that is all about “them” to give to others, that says a whole lot to your guests.

If you’re married, did you do anything like this for your wedding?  If you aren’t married yet, do you think that you’ll incorporate some kind of charity into your wedding?  I’d love to know what you think!

As always,

Hold tight to love.



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