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Victoria + Nick | Wedding

You may remember Victoria and Nick’s engagement shoot at the beach – it was magical.  Their wedding?  Even more so.

Why?  Well, to start with their wedding had so many sweet, personal touches that I won’t go into because, well, they’re personal… but they gave everyone there goosebumps.  Each of their families are incredibly friendly and kind.  Their bridesmaids and groomsmen were all fantastic people and wonderful to spend the day with.  So many people came to their ceremony that many of them ended up standing, and it had a movie-like feel to it – there were people everywhere.  They can DANCE – honestly, best dance I’ve ever seen at a wedding.  But what it all comes down to, and the reason why all those previous things are possible, is this: Victoria and Nick have outgoing, happy personalities – but when they’re around each other, they just light up in an extraordinary way.  I’m thrilled that I was able to capture their love – they’re the kind of people that when you’re around them, they recharge your soul.

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