Before I begin, I should clarify something – I’m not a crier. I mean, Modern Family makes me cry occasionally, but other than that I’m a rock. Well, I WAS a rock. Caylan + George’s wedding changed things.

It wasn’t just the wedding day either – everyone was crying at the wedding, I didn’t feel out of place at all. It was the hours and hours I spent in front of my computer editing the images, living through the day over and over again – a mixture of teary eyes and smiles, depending on which photo was on my computer monitor.

Caylan + George aren’t just a special couple, they’re special people. And they’re not just special people, they’re part of special families. And they’re not just part of special families, they’re part of a special group of friends. Caylan + George are those rare kind of people that make the world a better place just by being here – they make everyone around them better people, without us even realizing it. I’m convinced that Caylan + George are around special people because they make them special people.

Speaking of families, I’ve got to give a special mention to their families. I’ve gotten to know the Vanamans pretty well over the past couple of years, and it’s easy to see how Caylan is so sweet. Coach V and Whitney are fantastic parents, her brothers Yogi and Daniel are the kind of guys you’d want your sister to date if they weren’t already married to the incredibly sweet (and gorgeous!) Alaina and Nicole. I feel like I’ve known all of them for years, and they’re always so welcoming and kind, they’d do anything for their friends and family. I don’t know the Awtreys as well, but I do know that I’ve never seen a family that had 4 kids as sweet, happy, and ridiculously good looking as them – seriously, it’s like they all stepped out of a J Crew catalog. George is way too cool, but he never ACTS way too cool – he’s one of the most genuinely good guys I’ve ever met.

I’ve waffled enough – the photos will tell the rest of the story.

But I’ll end with this – if all of us got to experience the love that Caylan + George share, our lives would be better for it. Guys, thanks for letting me behind the scenes on the best day of your life – I’ll never forget it.
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